How To Set Your Life Goals

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How many times you promised yourself to

  • Lose weight and get fit
  • Learn foreign language
  • Travel a lot etc.

And how many times you didn’t accomplish these goals? Don’t answer, this is rhetorical question, we all share this complex effort to make ourselves better.

And what if we tell you today that the main problem with these attempts was related to quality of our goals?

Your goal should be smart, pure and clear, but also it should be SMART, PURE and CLEAR which are top goal-setting methodologies used across business processes all over the world. No worries, even if it sounds complicated – you are covered, we will make quick overview of them and show you how to set high-quality goals in 2 minutes using specialized automated intelligent tool for goal setting!

Ho To set high-quality goal in 2 minutes

Let’s imagine that you forgot everything we just said and would like to set a new goal, not a problem!

First you should go to the website, it has all you need for this.

Let’s just input some common goal here, like

– Learn Japanese language

Here is your immediate result:


As you could see, AI.Decider application automatically analyzes your goal in real time and provides important suggestions based on top goal-setting methodologies.

Let’s improve your result!

First you should set milestone, as each goal should be time related, also you should clearly assign this goal to yourself:


And some final polishing to add important details:


Note, it is not required to comply with all methodologies 100%, covering approximately 85% of requirements is enough to keep your goal in great shape.

You did awesome work!

And don’t forget to share you goal with your friends and family using social networks and emails.


By the way, you should save your goal and track its completeness on AI.Decider app


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